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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Social Network Troubles

It's fun to be in a social network where you can meet your long lost friends, distance relatives and make new friends. This is making our life easy to catch up with siblings and close friends. But there's things that I hate most o social network where your buddies or "cyber friends" make it like their journal and updating "nonsense" things that they are doing every second of their life! Hey who would like to know your minute by minute update anyway?
My own opinion is, I never or refrain from using my real name online for so many reasons and my husband agrees with me. Another thing is, who do you THINK wants to know your life UPDATES and BRAGS? Definitely, not me! Some people open their book too much on social network and if someone else commented that make them feel offended then it lead out to "world war." That's why I refrain from commenting to somebody else post, based on my observation people misinterpret your comment and it makes them feels bad which lead your relationship to sour.
Just a reminder to those on "Social Network, just be mindful of what you are doing and don't get carried away because people will interpret things differently. Be responsible and POST at your own risk! Honestly I'm just hook on it BECAUSE of the GAMES.

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