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Thursday, March 4, 2010


We experience a switch in weather after the Tsunami scares last Saturday. Since Sunday the trade wind came back gusting on 15-25, it's been raining too. I saw some tourist on TV, they were from the mainland and was about the windy condition here in Hawaii and the simply said "We love it, the wind is Velvety."
Well, we honestly need the rain and the wind to blow those VOGS away. It's so cold outside though. Yesterday I felt so cold at mid morning and I need to warm up myself because I have to do some baking and cleaning. It was so cold inside the house and bright and shinny outside. I went for a quick walk, sunny yet drizzling but when the clouds cleared a bit, the sun felt so good on my skin.

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CellPhones is BANNED!

The county of Oahu officially passed the law to BAN Cell phone and other electronic devices while driving since mid last year. This means you cannot use phone for calling or texting while driving, no cameras, and gaming system, the only thing allowed is hands free calling device or blue tooth.
But I always saw people still doing these stupid things and risk other people's lives. Law is a law that you have to obey it. The other day my husband told me that when he is driving down the freeway a lady almost hit him and that lady was texting. He honk on her and she only say sorry and continue on her "STUPID BUSINESS." Don't they realized what they are doing is risking other peoples life? Is a single text so important than your own life or safety? I always, always saw people on the phone and on the freeway, always, mean every day. Now I wonder if how does police department caught these people who don't follow simple law.

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