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Friday, January 22, 2010


As the saying goes that "Charity start in a HOME." Haiti needs our help in what ever amount we can. There are so many ways to donate to Haiti, one way is donate to RED CROSS by texting "HAITI" to 90999, you verify it's legitimate when you saw the first lady Michelle Obama on TV. You can also check out the site , UNICEF make your pledge.
I believe that it's better to donate money to them through this organization.

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Helping Hand

When I watch the poor people of Haiti suffering from the earthquake devastation my heart was with them. If ever I am still free of obligation and if given a chance, I am so sure that I will volunteer at Haiti.
The Haiti incident reminds me of my First love and supposed first career of choice which is being a "Social Worker" because I want to help to people in need. But then maybe I was not inline to that job. But in my heart I am still willing to give my kind help to any people that need it.
I am watching the "Hope for Haiti now show" and was so touch by the people in Haiti that they are trying to pick up the pieces to rebuild their lives. I was so touch by what George Clooney said that religion means we have to take good care of each other what ever religion we belong what ever the color of our skin.

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Addicted to Cooking

During my days off I devote my time doing house hold chores and of course COOKING. When I cook new dish my husband will say "Your such an ADDICT!" he meant I'm addicted to cooking. I know he is grateful that I love to cook because he also loves to eat, he is my fan and my ultimate critic.
We were laughing on our dinner last night when he joke on me that I felt crippled if I can't cook in a day, which is true. Sometimes cooking is my way of relaxation or "stress buster," sometimes I just cook to release my stress but I don't eat what I'm cooking.

Baked CRAB Dip

It was new years day when my co-worker sneak in crab dip with crackers for us to snack on, it was so yummy. I ask for the recipe and she said it was the "easiest crab dip" ever but then she forgot to give me the recipe.
I search online and found one with the ingredients close to the one she made. But again I change the measurements based on what I feel is better. It was easy indeed and serve it as "Hors d'Ĺ“uvre". The hubby love it and it became our dinner. I serve it with thin wheat crackers, he ask for a wine or bubbly. He end up drinking the bubbly with it.


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