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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Beer" Canned Chicken

We love chicken, my husband prepares deep fried chicken. But I have another take to it that will make the skin crispy and the meat is moist. Beer can chicken is the way to do it but if you don't have any beer in hand just use what ever you have. In this case I used canned juice since we run out of beer and we don't buy canned beer. Small to medium size chicken is the best size for this way of cooking. So easy to prepare, just do a butter and herb rub and coat it under the skin evenly, roast for an hour and dinner is serve.

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"Cioppino" my TAKE!

My take to the "Cioppino." We do love seafood, the last time we went to the wet market my husband bought 2 lbs manila clams but he wasn't satisfied because it cost him 10 bucks for just 17 pcs small clams. Good thing we found a good deal mixed bag of seafood at the wholesale store, much cheaper than the clams.
When were on our way home he ask me if what on my mind for dinner, I said, since we have the mixed seafood and frozen mahi-mahi. I'm thinking of seafood stew or soup, he is skeptical because he never taste or see me cook seafood stew before. I have something in my mind, no recipe at all just gut feeling recipe, lol. I used tomato sauce, thyme, rosemary, butter, celery, spinach and that's my take of "Cioppino."
He said it was good, taste better than the soup we order in a fancy seafood resto that cost him a fortune. I have to write the recipe before I forget and named it....?

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It's almost birthday of my other half. No need to ask him what he wanted for his birthday because it wouldn't be cake, he loves pies and cheese cake and the only cheesecake he love is the plain cheesecake.
Last Christmas I made Marble cheesecake but he doesn't like it that much. For new year I made plain cheesecake, after 2 days I can't find any leftover on the fridge.
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We always watch history channel particularly the Nostradamus effect. As what the Bible said and the predictions that signs includes wars, earthquake, hunger and so on.
When the Haiti earthquake happened, we are shaken of the scenes on TV. Then people link it that end of the world is near and Haiti quake is one of the sign. My husband said that earthquakes was already happening before, I told him "yes it does but if you compare the time span in between is much shorter and getting shorter each time. Calamities seems to happen back to back which is a little scary. But then everything has it's ending, so I always tell my husband "just enjoy your life."

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