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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So DAMN of ME!

I was looking for my passport today because I wanted to make sure of it's expiration date. I search on our home office drawer where I keep my important papers but can't find it. I search on our closet where I usually hide important papers but it's not there. At my husband's case where he hide his important documents along with our marriage contract and birth certificates but still can't find it. I double checked everywhere, where I usually hide documents but my passport is nowhere to be found. Ugh! where are you my passport. If I can't find it until next month, I will surely file for lost at the consulate.

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China man's hat

China man hats island by Kualoa ranch. I miss our road trip that we do couple times a year. We usually go around the island and have a few stops on our favorite spots. Hopefully we can do it again this year.
I also missed the sand bar but that will be on summer, for us to enjoy the warm sun and water.

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Chilling OUT

Enjoying my 3 days off. I was listening music from from hubby's mp3 player and just chilling out trying to do some blogging task. I have to do my task as much as I can before I get caught back to work.
Earlier I was also browsing online to look for present for my dear hubby's upcoming birthday. He is so bad he lost his Oakley sunglasses the last time he went fishing with he's friend. I know he want one again so I'm checking out for one and will get it before he's birthday.

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I miss u Beach

I wanted to go to the beach today for a quick swim but hubby reminded me that it's kind of cloudy, chilly and looks like it will rain. I miss the beach a lot and if it will get colder the following weeks as winter chills then it means that beach is far as summer season.
We don't go to the beach on winter, we will never enjoy the chilly water and winter winds. The ocean is rough too during winter season, not so ideal for a swim.

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Cooking Marathon

I was working for 4 days straight and all my schedules are until 9pm. I feel sorry for the husband that misses my home cook dinner. Now I am off for 3 days and he is taking advantage and ask me to cook him good foods which I am so happy to do. Last Sunday night I made calamari, yesterday we went to the market to get fresh shrimp for garlic shrimp and manila clams that I serve as soup for dinner. Today, I might cook fish soup or seafood stew, but I'm craving for tamales.


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