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Thursday, April 29, 2010

FB Games

I am playing FB games as my pass time. I have a few favorite and hates most of it because it doesn't make sense to me.Few of my favorites are from ZYNGA games, they are pretty awesome and know what the players wants, though most of the time they don't listen about the feedback. Some copycat are so lame because they tried to copy games but they are not successful.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Need Rest!

I've been working for 5 to 6 days a week and I'm missing most of my favorite show and movie time. I love working as well as day-off, but day-off is not really a day-off because it's the time where I catch up on my household chores and errands. I am not complaining of my set up this, I am enjoying it, I'm just missing my days at home enjoying my real rest day pampered. *sigh

Snap snap

What to do when you're bored? Snap, snap, snap.
When I'm killing my time or waiting for the husband or something, I always grab my phone camera and snap anything that capture my eyes. I admit that I am a prostrated photographer, I love photography so much. I am happy that the pictures I taking these days are getting better and better. Maybe I know how to get the best angle now lols.

Training Program Scam

In this tough economy, many of us thinks that going back to school is the best thing to do to get a higher pay and job security. I have thought of the same thing until I read one article recently about the high interest rate that most of the school or training centers put on you. Instead of having a better job with higher pay, you might end up on minimum pay with no security and on a big loan with high interest.
It's still good to have a degree or training but make sure that it's worth it. Check out the loan plan they offer you and make sure everything is fair and square.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taxes Due Date

Just a reminder to all that TAX due date is on the 15th. Well I guess I have to remind myself too since we're not done with our tax yet and I hate it. Hopefully we can send it out early tomorrow morning.
I hate it a lot when you pay people to do it for you that you lay everything for them and still they don't do it on, where the only thing they have to do is to sign the paper. I wish we could get a better people to do our taxes.

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Frugal Coffee Shop

Coffee shop is so in the trend these days, but then their coffee's is a little pricey for a frugal lady like me. Solution, is to get a brewing machine that will allow you to choose from 200 flavors of gourmet coffee defending on your mood. I get one mini machine that will allow me to brew a cup of coffee each time, it's perfect for me and my husband. It also keep us away from rip-off coffee shops.
You can choose from fancy to just right coffee brewing machines and there are inexpensive ones. You have over 200 coffee choices, a pack of 18 cups worth for only 10 bucks compared to the price of 1 tall coffee in a coffee shop.

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