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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ellen Rocks

I am not really an avid fan of Ellen Degeneres show until I saw her do the goofy dance. She is fun to watch and looks so cute on her dancing move. Since then I keep watching her at American Idol and she doing great job. In my own opinion American Idol will still sore high even if Simon Cowel quits. Ellen rocks and I believe on her that she can full it out and contribute to the success of American Idol. I really find her so cute, ah oh, I'm not gay, lol.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Screaming SPRING

I have noticed that most of the fashion colors now is already screaming for SPRING It's quit shocking that we had just celebrated New Years and now Spring is around the corner. Time really flew by so fast!
Well, last month I bough a bed sheets that has the shade of white and yellow and I pair it with pillow cases in green and yellow. During that time spring was totally not in my mind, i just realized it earlier when I am changing our bed sheets and realized that our room is screaming spring. LOL what a coincidence, Spring will come early this year, I think it would be early March.

On 60s

We have a pretty cold week. Right now we are on mid 60's and dropping and the forecast is it will last until early next week. What I have observe this year is the weather is a little weird, maybe due to the "El Nino" phenomena where the Pacific Ocean is warming. But this brings a weird weather here in our island because when I'm about to toss out out thick comforter then suddenly the temperature went back down.
Well there are many good things this El Nino brings to our island though because this is the perfect time for most of the huge "Surfing competition" that needs huge waves.

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Productive Day

It's a productive day for me since I did pretty much the things on my list for today. I finish doing the laundry and folding it. I also done cleaning all the rooms and vacuuming the floor and I am currently doing my online task. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish my other task that my other Boss (husband) is asking me to do. I am planning to wander at the mall tomorrow but maybe after I finish what he asking me to do before I get caught back to work.


His is such a CRITIC! weal my wardrobe has mostly black and white on it. I'm more on a solid color black or white or if ever I have printed it's mostly in black and white print. We knew that most of the "hair dressers" or people working in a salon wears black.
In our work place we don't wear uniform, as long as we are wearing decent casual attire then it's good. So most of my coworker are wearing black and I catch the fever right away since I have more black attires. One day my husband tease me and said "Who's hair you're gonna do today?" My husband is such a mento trip guys lol. I cant do anything but laugh.

Tiger Woods Case

Many people have judge Tiger Woods disturbing behavior. Many people and media people condemn him for his wrong behavior or addictions. But here is my point of view on this situation. Like us he is just a human being capable of doing things that are inappropriate for most of us.
But think about it that like most of us who has past and hiding skeleton in our closets. The only thing is, he is a celebrity, he has a name and he need to be what most people painted who he is. A man so clean and elegant and don't have any right to be what a normal people is.
Well, I am sure that this who condemn him are mush by far worst that Tiger Woods. I still like Tiger because he pnly prove that he is a human being and not the icon that people thinks. More power to him and his family and hope they will see the bright side of this situation and become stronger person.

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Brownies Day

I am craving for chocolate today. Since I'm off from work I'm doing the household chores and also baking some brownies. I will treat myself today with a brownie because I did a good job in loosing weight. It feels so good that I fit again on my old cloths, I am so determined to continue on loosing more weight and maintain about 125-130 lbs which is the balance weight for my height. I have a double chocolate brownies cooking, I'm so excited sinking my teeth on it.

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Tiki Bar

I love Tiki bar, it really perfect for our home here in the islands of Hawaii. I was dreaming to have one for awhile now since we love to entertain our friends and family during the weekend. I saw this one at outdoor furniture online.
We will be having our friends this week end; we are so excited to have party Hawaiian style. We might be heading to the beach for overnight camping. This will be a fun weekend, Have a wonderful week end to all.


It's spring time soon! I have a backyard garden but I might not plant veggies anymore since I can get it cheaper at the farmers market every weekend. I will still have my herbs, I need fresh herbs every time I cook. I freeze most of the veggies I get from farmers market aside from the greens that need to be prepared within two days from buying since it has a shorter shelf life. So to make my veggies or dishes taste fresh I add fresh herbs on it.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ultimate Dreams -1

One of my ultimate dream is to conquer my fear of swimming on the deep blue and swim with the gentle giant Whale sharks. I also wanted to swim with the humpback whales they are so awesome creatures. I just realized that I love humble huge water creatures but still I'm scared exploring their world.
I still remember when my husband and I went to our first snorkeling back home. He laugh at me cause I'm like fighting with the waves and its getting into my nose. I also panic when I swim and find myself at the deep part. I wish I could conquer my fear before I get so old to do outdoors stuff lol.

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Friday, February 5, 2010


Every time we pass by Kahe point I always look by the ocean side and try to spot spinner dolphins or breaching whales. From month of November to April is humpback whale season, you can spot whales at some parts of Oahu and Maui. Kahe point is one of the favorite spot of humpbacks and spinner dolphins.
For consecutive two days I spotted spinner dolphins and breaching whale. It feels so awesome watching this creatures, they are just so amazing. Hopefully I have my camera with me next time.

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