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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Whom you gonna asked? Well, when it comes to recipes and suggestion my dear cousin always comes to me for advice. I am so happy to share my tips and cooking secret to her as long as she seals her mouth tight, lol. I gave her one of my secret recipe and for sure she will love it, she said she tried it with other recipe but didn't work out right. Poor thing, I wish she will have oven so I can gave her a tons of in-expensive dessert ideas. Well having an oven in Ph is a luxury and not all home makers are baking due to the coast, it's practical to buy your desserts than make it. But for me home baking is still the best. Hope it will came out good and they will love the recipes I gave her. Now I am thinking of stuff for her when I came visit.

Merry Christmas!

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