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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Best Thanksgiving Entry

Showing off my entry at Yo Ville for the "Thanksgivings Dinner" theme. It's counting down to the end and four hours remaining for the votes. I'm hoping to remain on 6th place but the 7th place has a technical issues. Her entry is double, one is in 7th place and the other one is somewhere at the buttom but with 200 plus votes. If they count and merge her votes this only means I'm technically on 7th place. Not bad in my part since I just recently join the contest and this one is my 4th entry, my 2nd entry landed in 8th place. I am so happy, and as long as my good entries will stay on top ten.
I strongly agree to one comment that said "it's mixed and match but it works", I'm so proud lol.

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