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Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm drooling when I saw biscuit, it's like calling my name to spread butter and honey on it and savor it's flakiness. I really have a taste for biscuit and I am the only one here in our house who love biscuit and also cheese. So if I bake biscuit that mean I am the only one who will attack it.
The other day husband called me to ask if what I want from a fast food resto and I said right away "BISCUIT." And I ate all the hot biscuit with butter and honey, so yummy. I better bake another batch!

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Beach BUM

We love hanging out at the beach especially during summer season. On the photo is one of our favorite beach to go swimming, it's the surfing mecca of the west side of the island.
I'm not a good swimmer but we usually stay on the water the whole time we're at beach. The sun is bright and hot and the water is cooling and soothing. We saw turtle again and it's huge, he is swimming so near us but we don't touch it or swim with it unless you want to be the tiger shark's dinner.
Couple months ago there's one shark attack on this area, they saw 15 footer tiger patrolling the area. Well, there is a good size of sea turtle population here and sharks loves to feed on them, poor turtles.

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