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Sunday, September 13, 2009

YoVille Hula Class

Me and my twin Queen brat decided do the hula dance. It was so much fun that we went to her beach house to do it again and took picture of us doing the Hula. I wonder where this girl got her hula lesson and when, she is good and a natural hula dancer with all her outfit.
I will get a costume too and do the hula dance with her again its so much fun. So person are we going to build a "Hula Halau"(Hula School) at Yo ville?

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Beach House

So this is my YoVille 2nd House aside from the apartment. I have a Cape Cod that I named "Pink Ohana" and suppose I will get a Goth House but accidentally bought another cape cod. At first I was so disappointed and pissed but then, with the positive energy of my twin brat, I came out of this Idea. I name it "Rx - Ocean Rehab", I am satisfied of it and might not get a goth house.
I have started a new project transforming a trailer house into a Cabin in the Woods.

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