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Friday, September 4, 2009

Farm Town - Farmers Tips

Tropical Theme Farm

Amazing Waterfall Design

The whole Farm Final Stage

If you are new to FT or "Farm Town" here is a little tip for you so you can level up fast. The only thing you need to do is Plow. We all wanted our farm to look good, but you can decorate your farm freely when you have plenty of coins to spend. It is much better to decorate your farm when you reach the levels of 20 and beyond.
It happened to me when I first played FT, but then I realized that it is better to level up first before anything else, this way you can expand your farm and accumulate coins. Go to the market and help somebody by plowing or harvesting.
Plowing will pay you less but it will give you points to level up faster. On the other hand if you need more coins, you can ask other people to hire you for harvesting. Harvesting will give you 50% of the crops value but it won't give you points.
So these are the tips on playing FT, hope I did help you reach your goal.
Remember, it's so easy to decorate your farm when you have opened all the decoration materials and you have enough coins to splurge.

Happy Farming.

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