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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Late post!

Late post due to my hectic schedule at farm town lol. Ok this is from my birthday fairy, she did a good job and thought that I will get jolted of her joke, a fake roach on my card. But I have thick skin and knew her, kind of I sense it that she will put something somewhere in the box.
But I thanks her for giving me a very good laugh, and our victim is my husband who is scared of roaches. He willingly read my card for me and jolted upon opening the huge huge bday card lol. Person your such a nice person lol. BTW, Tinkerbell came in four pieces instead of two, but it's alright she got back her wings now and I love her so much and so the Mother Birthday Fairy. THANKS person, MAHALO NUI LOA!

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Shady Veggy Patch

Yesterday I was working on my veggie garden, yes, it's still hot here. The summer heat really affected the growth of my veggies, they are kind of dwarfing even I water them every day. We are only oh high 80s but the mugginess and the humidity is killing my veggies.
I find a spot where they can't be affected of he direct sunlight, its at the other side of the house. I plant veggies that doesn't need to much sun to grow and I think it's working. I also plant some zucchini, it's one of my favorite veggies. I will cross my finger on it, since it's a cool place, I will plant some more later in the afternoon, I try cabbages and other greens too.

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