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Monday, May 4, 2009

Am I Getting Old Fast?

Forgetting things is one of the sign of old age. Well I was looking for my bunch of keys almost the whole day today, I admit I am a bit busy today cooking and doing some stuff. I usually hung my bunch of keys on the key hanger by our bedroom and the husband has hung his baseball cap there too. I was looking around for the keys all over the house today, I even went to my truck and check it in there. I did not inform or ask my husband about the missing keys yet because I am just looking for trouble. I went all over the house and check the spots where I usually leave my keys but still can't find it. last resort, I went back to the key hanger and look under husband's cap and walla there it is. Whew it made me really worried because all the important and main keys are there.

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We watched movie last Sunday since all of us agree to watch "Wolverine" it's a pretty good movie especially for the people who still have the child inside them lol. Actually I am a fan of the cartoon X-men though I forgot most of the characters. I like wolverine especially it was played by Hugh Jackman, I also watch "Van Helsing" over and over again.
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