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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turning Vietnamese!

Vietnamese "steamed catfish"
Spring roll

Vietnemese "beef lemongrass"

We happen to like Vietnamese food because most of it are light and eaten with fresh veggies and not as greasy as Chinese foods. Our choices usually are Pho, beef or chicken lemongrass and for appetizer is spring roll. We don't like to miss out on spring roll because its tasty and fun to eat, they will serve it wit lettuce, vermicelli noodle, julienned carrots and cucumber, and mint leaves. You wrap the spring roll on lettuce leaves like burrito add some noodle, mint, carrots, and cucumber the roll it, dip in the sauce and yum.
We have tried the steamed catfish and I was surprise, it was really good. I told my husband I will try cooking the steamed catfish at home but when we went to the market to buy catfish we both feel the same. Catfish is real ugly fish, upon seeing it swimming in the fish tank, both our appetite was gone. But since I really wanted to try cooing it my husband suggest to opt catfist for butterfish which turned out just the same taste. I am happy that I pulled it out.


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