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Friday, March 13, 2009

20 Million Dollars!

How if you will receive an email from a person you have no idea who or where he got your email add saying exactly this

"Please Reply
I am Mr. *------ -----,from Hong Kong. I want to invest the sum of Twenty Million US Dollars in your Country and i really seek for a reliable / Trustworthy partner for for this project.If you are interested please contact me back at my private address * I would be delighted to give you details of this business.
Thank you,
Mr. ---- ----"

*(I'm still nice because I hide the Name he used)
This sounds to be "too good to be true" and think about this if you want to invest with 20 million dollars are you going to randomly email somebody on the other end of the world without any CLUE who or what kind of person you are dealing with? and mind you his "private email add is at", it's a free email add you can't call it private unless you have your website or unique domain name not a free one.
Honestly at the back of my mind I am saying, hope it's true, 20 Million worth of investment is not bad at all unless its not a scam or illegal.
Here's the deal if you guys interested of this deal let me know I'll give you his email add for a 25% cut LOL.


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