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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lost Philippine Cuisine

If you are familiar with "No reservations" by Anthony Bourdain a travel channel show, he had a series of show featuring his travel to Asia but just like most of his Filipino fans I was surprised when he skipped Philippines. So he listen to his Filipino fan and do it, it was aired last night 10 pm ET. I anxiously waited for it and my husband joined me on watching the show.
I admit like the guy that asked him to go to Philippines, I myself is also lost in translation about Filipino cuisine, culture and identity. One of his guide a Restaurateur said "when you buy a cookbook about Asian cuisine you cannot find Filipino cuisine on it, because they set us behind", which is true.
Bourdain was amazed about Filipino cuisine but then he asked "why Filipino Cuisine is like a blank page?" Maybe because we have different regions in the Philippines and every region offers different cuisine and like our famous and well known "Adobo" dish that every region has their own version of it.
Philippines are a well diverse country and each region has their own values, traditions and identity. There is no Filipino identity but if you see it as a whole, the Filipino identity is the sum of its variety.
Lechon Rank BEST: (Roast whole pork) Source Anthony Bourdain's Travel channel BLOG
#1 Philippines
#2 Bali
#3 Puerto Rico

Thanks Tony for giving chance to the Philippines to be on the spotlight and to show the world its beauty and its unique culinary that varies from regions. A very well executed show.


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