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Monday, February 16, 2009

Eating Rituals of Vietnamese Food

My husband was so kind this weekend, he allowed me to skip the weekend cooking and treat me to have a Vietnamese Dinner. Not so fancy though just a regular Vietnamese diner. He had Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Bowl) and I had my favorite "lemongrass chicken". When we are eating the diner owner made her rounds as usual and asked if we're fine, then she thought me how to eat the dish I ordered. It has chopped lettuce, few julienned carrots, sliced cucumber, the lemongrass chicken and rice arrange neatly in one plate. I ate it like the usual picking one piece of each at a time with chopsticks. She said the way they eat it is mix the lemongrass chicken on the rice, then with a fork or chopstick get pieces of lettuce with the rice and chicken and ate it. I appreciate her help of teaching me their culture but at the back of my mind I said "just leave me the way I want to eat it", but she is right the lettuce help boost the delicate lemongrass flavor, it's even more delicious. I am glad and she is so kind on sharing their culture to me.


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