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Friday, February 13, 2009

NO Flowers Pls!

Every Valentines day I get a huge bouquet of roses from my sweet hubby but after I get my roses last year I told him that would be the last one, "I don't want flowers next Valentines". He always gave me more than a dozen free arrange roses on vases. But I really don't like flowers because the meaning of valentines withered along with the flowers and all I have are photos of it lol. I want to spend a meaningful Valentines with my husband though he can give me something that will last forever which is the same price as the flowers, anyway, as long as we are together and happy then that's it I'm good.

Heaven's Gate

One of my favorite subject to snap a shot is "rays of light". It really fascinates me and makes me feel the presence of our Almighty. Sunset's and Rays of light are so wonderful to watch on.
Maybe I just have nothing to do or I run out of subjects for snap shots hahaha.


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