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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Oh I can smell spring around the corner but I wanted to skip Hawaiian summer though, it's hot and muggy but better than Nevada summer. I harvested my cabbage today and ready my garden for spring. Though the seasons here in Hawaii does not really give any damage to my garden except for the summer where I really need to water my veggies every day. Most of my herbs and veggies do not need too much affection, I pick veggies that can be planted all year round and can sustain the tropical weather. Love eating my fresh cabbage, I made a simple salad, freshly pick taste really good.


Yesterday was our Wedding anniversary and counting. Actually we do not really celebrate occasion fabulously we just love it simple but meaningful. The husband tease me that he will treat me to dinner on Friday at McDonald lol, whatever I do not care at all as long as we are happy and healthy and we can make through our everyday life. I joke on him saying "oh this is it, its like 21 years of marriage and counting its like there's no more trill, I'm wondering how much more if we reach the 30th mark?" He said I'll show you how and he roll his eyes as if no more affection at all hahaha silly husband.
The funny and gross thing was, I ate something that makes me explode nasty lumpy gasses on air and he cannot stand it and told me that he will sleep at the couch away from me. I hug him saying "oh no you cant you have signed a contract that said "till death do us FART", he really crack up laughing. Sorry if I gross out my readers lol.

Tornado in Hawaii?

You might though that tornado only happens at tornado alley in mainland US. But this afternoon there are few tornado touchdowns at Leeward side of Oahu though it is not in the Fujita scale but it sent one victim to hospital. The man was said to be a golfer and it happen at Kapolei Golf course, he was thrown 10 feet away and was slam at a glass door and was rush to the hospital on a serious condition. They claimed that it was so fast, it touchdown so fast and was gone right away, some trees where damage. Some witnesses said that they feel like they are in Kansas. We are glad that the tornado did not leave a very serious damage to our island. I attached the photos of the Tornado that touchdown this afternoon.

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