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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Best Thanksgiving Entry

Showing off my entry at Yo Ville for the "Thanksgivings Dinner" theme. It's counting down to the end and four hours remaining for the votes. I'm hoping to remain on 6th place but the 7th place has a technical issues. Her entry is double, one is in 7th place and the other one is somewhere at the buttom but with 200 plus votes. If they count and merge her votes this only means I'm technically on 7th place. Not bad in my part since I just recently join the contest and this one is my 4th entry, my 2nd entry landed in 8th place. I am so happy, and as long as my good entries will stay on top ten.
I strongly agree to one comment that said "it's mixed and match but it works", I'm so proud lol.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Xmas Hunting

Hunting for hubbies present. Well I really don't have any idea until I saw something on the magazine. I know he is looking for one and this one just so perfect for him and he can use it everyday. I will not say what it is lol, but I'm sure he will love it, in fact I remember that I show it to him one time at store.
Now I wonder what will I get from Santa, I've been good this year. Oh he want's a list! lol, I will asked for one thing only that I can used with my Photoshop. I'm still thinking what to wrap for my wonderful ever loving MIL, still nothing in my mind but she told me one thing before so I guest that's it and cologne.

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TOO Much TV!

It's a running joke here in our house or sometimes it's the phrase we use to make fun especially when someone is explaining too much. We watch a lot of info channels like NetGeo, Discovery and History channel so when we stumble on a topic that we have watch on TV we always say the word "Too Much TV." It's sound irritating to others who doesn't know that it's some sort of a joke. My husband and I are used to the joke but someone in the house is not, he get irritated and cry, now he is a cry baby, lol I'm bad.

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Flu Prevention

As they say "Prevention is better than cure." We are all aware about N1H1 flu and other types of flu and we have read and hear about some preventions over and over again. But most of the time we forget to wash our hand as often as possible.
Here are the advises:

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, or use hand sanitizer.
  • Cough or sneeze in the crock of your arm or sleeve.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Don't touch your face, eyes, mouth with your hands.
  • Check for more information.
  • Check for travel notices and advisories.
  • Talk to a health professional if you experience severe flu-like symptoms.

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Be Positive

As I'm doing my routine on my porcelain throne, it's my ritual to grab a paper or magazine to read. I grab the costco connect magazine and scan some interesting articles until I stumble upon a "Fresh views" pages.
It was Wally Amos the father of famous Amos cookies on his article about "Be Positive, Regardless." I read his article and realize that he is right. he inserted a quote from 365 Tao "Without the difficulty of being hemmed in, the tree in the forest would not be forced to marshal its power to grow toward the light. It must truly bring forth all its inner strength to spread its branches. If it becomes grand, it is in part because of its suffering. Thus the time of adversity can be crucial to the development of one's inner personality."

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I once taste this ox tail Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant. As always I can't wait to come home to try make it myself. I nail it the second time and my husband, my one and only critic loves it, he does love Pho and Oxtail so I make his two favorite in one bowl. Now it's part of my house menu, I cooked it twice a month at most. It's easy as long as you nail the Pho spices and Use Pho noodle to go with it.

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Friday, November 6, 2009


My mom's sister was missing for more than 20 years now. We never heard a word from her or any news, we don't even know if she's still alive. My aunt left three kids which are my close cousins. I talk to my cousin everyday online cause we played the same game. Today we talk about her mom, she wants to know or see her mom but he middle sister don't want to look for their mom.
I encourage her to look for her mom, in fact I search for her online from time to time but I always hit the wall. I believe in my heart that she is still alive and possibly living in PH, I will keep searching online for her and hoping that my cousin can find her.

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Burger Night

What's eating you? Well burgers I guess lol. I am so lazy one evening thinking of what's for dinner. I don't feel like cooking complicated meal so I ask the other half if he wants home made burger and fries, he said yes. No burger bun but I have french bread, so this is it. Burger with bacon, no cheese for him and fries. I have cheese on mine of course, I'd rather eat cheese burger with out the patties and he likes burger without the cheese, so on that situation me and my other half are opposite.

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Chicken Sandwich

I didn't get a good picture because I was already devouring the other half of it. We have a left over beer can chicken breast from the other day and I worked yesterday. When I came home I don't have enough time for cooking, I get fresh bread at store. When we reach home I made us a yummy meal in no time. We had yummy Chicken sandwich and my husband ate it with saimin. It's so good, I drizzle a little sesame oil on the lettuce, salt and pepper and it's ready to go. I love sesame oil on salads and sandwich than olive oil. ;-)

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Oh I really get Paranoid yesterday. I have worked yesterday and my boss was sneezing a lot, blowing his nose and coughing, it really freaks me out cause it's a tiny A/C office room. For some reason I don't wanna catch cold yet, so I told him I cannot work today.
He had the colds symptoms and we're at flu season, H1N1 and other types of flu so we better be responsible of our health and be very careful avoiding the spread. If ever you feel you have the symptoms of simple colds, please isolate yourself to people at least 2-3 days upon onset, this are the crucial days where it's highly contagious. Yes we can say it's just a simple cough and colds and nothing to worry but there are lots of different kinds of flu that we need to avoid spreading, signs and symptoms are almost the same as common colds. Better be safe than sorry and take your own responsibility.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fish Tacos

Since I am the boss in our kitchen which I love ;), I am fully in charge of all our meal. So once in a while I switch gear and go for foods that we seldom eat for a change. Lately we dine on tacos and last weekend I make fish tacos. I don't have white flaky fish so I just use tuna for this one with coleslaw and cheese on top. They ate it all so I take it as a good fish tacos.

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