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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blue Sky

It was a really muggy day today even it is still mid morning. There's no trade winds and it is another voggy and muggy day.
I was sitting on my truck waiting for my husband from his basketball potluck. Sounds like I have nothing to do and snapped this blue sky with some part of the tree. I think it looks nice hehe.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

His Weekend...

His catch Mahi and Wahoo

This is how he spend his pre-memorial day weekend. It was a really busy week for us, spending 3 days with the daughter and grandson until Friday, going around the island and taking them to the water park. Running around on Saturday, we get up at 4am to take the daughter to the airport then prepare and run for some things for husband to bring on his overnight fishing trip. After he left for fishing, I was left home alone and enjoy it, finally I breath after the hectic week. I rest and enjoy myself alone, I really enjoy being alone after a very tiring and exousting week.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Summer Theme Header

I finally decided to change my layout after almost a year of having it. I like it so much and Thanks so much to miss Carlota, I thank her so much because of her I learned how to make my own designs, madam I am so grateful.
It's summer now and I always love the beach so I made a new layout, evidence that I love Hawaii so much and thankful to live here for good. Although I hate summer a little especially when it's in full bloom because it's just freaking hot and muggy but it's okay, the rest of the season's are great.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all


It's mother's day and it's only me and my big boy (husband). We just enjoy it together and still I am the cook. I want him to cook for me, he said "yes, I'll take you out to dinner," he only cook if he have no more choice but it's alright it does not matter to me as long as he is always there for me and love me dearly. Oh our daughter text me saying "Happy mother's day, mom", she is sweet and we will be seeing her next week.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Am I Getting Old Fast?

Forgetting things is one of the sign of old age. Well I was looking for my bunch of keys almost the whole day today, I admit I am a bit busy today cooking and doing some stuff. I usually hung my bunch of keys on the key hanger by our bedroom and the husband has hung his baseball cap there too. I was looking around for the keys all over the house today, I even went to my truck and check it in there. I did not inform or ask my husband about the missing keys yet because I am just looking for trouble. I went all over the house and check the spots where I usually leave my keys but still can't find it. last resort, I went back to the key hanger and look under husband's cap and walla there it is. Whew it made me really worried because all the important and main keys are there.

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We watched movie last Sunday since all of us agree to watch "Wolverine" it's a pretty good movie especially for the people who still have the child inside them lol. Actually I am a fan of the cartoon X-men though I forgot most of the characters. I like wolverine especially it was played by Hugh Jackman, I also watch "Van Helsing" over and over again.
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