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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who's Techie

Techie? I know that I still need to learn so many thing about new technology I am not as techie as they think. My boss is leaning on me about technology, like about new software and program or what ever it is.
One time he asked me to figure out how to use a digicam. Then last Tuesday he asked me to come to figure out a brand new expensive video cam, well I enjoy playing with new technology lol. He always do that and I am just sharing to him what I know about technology.
Supposed guys knows better than women when it come to technology but I am surprise with my husband because he is leaning on me when it comes to that issue. I'm not as techie as they think, I am just trying to learn and wanting to know more about latest technology, I love technology.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The "Kitchen & Spices"

Supposed I will be working with Hubs webby today but a very nice friend of mine Vikki gave me a very good idea to make a food blog. I can't resist that so I reinvent one of my inactive blog to host my food blog. Was busy making the header and still retouching it until now. I name it "Kitchen & Spices," hopefully it will inspire me to make more good foods. Thanks so much for that idea "smart person Lyn," and stole some of your yummy dessert photos and add it on my header.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brush Fire

I was working on my crosstitch project yesterday at 4pm when I smell like somebody is burning grass, I haven't heard anybody doing the yard. After a little while I heard fire truck coming and it's getting louder, wondering where the fire is. 15 minutes has passed more police cars and fire truck are passing, looks like going at the back road. Then I decided to tend my garden and when I open the back door this what welcomes me...

It was so windy so the brush fire is getting worse, good thing it was at a non-populated area. After 6pm its getting up the mountain and was contained only this morning, it burned up to 200 acres of brush. Last year we experience the same but much nearer to us which is a bit scary.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Got Fish!

He take a break from work today and went fishing. It was so windy 10-25mph and once in a while it gusted to 65mph, but nothing could stop him. At around 3pm I checked on him and he said he caught one good size Mahi-Mahi. I though it's just a regular size, when he came home I was surprise, its huge. But I scold him and telling him next time if he get catch he have to come home early. I hate cleaning up until late night.

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