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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Egg Custard Pie

I am busy working the whole week that leaves me no time making dessert. My husband was not use too it because I always have dessert for him. Before he is complaining that I always baked food that makes him fat, now he is complaining that I am not baking yummy for him, husband make up your mind, LOL. Actually he just wanted to be pampered, then yesterday I baked 2 dish of egg custard pie, believe it or not we consume the whole round yesterday but I still have the back up and it's already half. Taste good.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sporting my Tattoo

Sporting my tattoo! Five years ago I wanted a tattoo with a Japanese character that means "Luck" but I can't decide if what design will come with it, so I didn't get any tattoo at all. Lately I have fascination with "cherry blossom" so now I know what tattoo I will get, a cherry blossom with Kanji that says Lucky. I have asked permission from my husband that I want a little tattoo on my feet but he said "leave your feet alone." So last night on my frustrations, I have Photoshop my feet with the exact design I want. Am I satisfied? Not yet until I can feel the pain of tattoo, LOL.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home Cooking

I was working the whole week from 9am-late afternoon. Most of the time we ate dinner out or fast food. Yesterday I came home early so I have enough time to cook our dinner. My husband was really enjoying the food so I said "nothings beats home cooking, right." That's the reason he don't want me to work because of his precious dinner lol. I can't blame him, he is working hard and when he gets home he wants his dinner and his couch. ;)

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Screw the WORDS

I cant speak Hawaiian but I've learned few words that are commonly used here, words that you can hear everyday from locals, like local name of things, fish, verbs, and adjectives. Last Friday I went to the farmer's market (I love the bag that Lyn gave me), I saw fresh fish that local call it "Akule." The husband likes that fish so I called him and ask him if he want me to get some of it, I said "I saw fresh "okole" (means butt) you want me to get some?, I hear silence on the other end seems like he is analyzing what I meant and then he go "you mean akule?" I laugh because I just realized that what I told him means different than what I suppose to mean. I always miss pronounce local words. LOL

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bros Header

My brother has a blog and he is blogging about his card magic tricks. Yeah Tricks, I've ask him about the trick I've seen done by a famous illusionist, if it's possible to be real and he told me it's not. OK camera trick illusionist! but its fun to watch though.
That's the headers I made for him but he did not saw it yet, it's still pending for his approval lol. Hope he will like it, though I can make some changes. By the way his background is black.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have so much fun on making blog layouts, I was really hooked. Here's another one for my other blog which is not so active. I have 3 active blogs and 3 sub-domains which are not active and the other one is un-publish. Un-publish because that one is my secret online journal hihihi, I mostly write my rants on that blog, I keep it un-publish because I don't wanna hurt the people concern's feelings. It's a sort of my theraphy when I feel so heavy inside and it helps me a lot cause after I write my rants I feel good and back to myself again. Maybe I am not the only one doing it lol.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turning Vietnamese!

Vietnamese "steamed catfish"
Spring roll

Vietnemese "beef lemongrass"

We happen to like Vietnamese food because most of it are light and eaten with fresh veggies and not as greasy as Chinese foods. Our choices usually are Pho, beef or chicken lemongrass and for appetizer is spring roll. We don't like to miss out on spring roll because its tasty and fun to eat, they will serve it wit lettuce, vermicelli noodle, julienned carrots and cucumber, and mint leaves. You wrap the spring roll on lettuce leaves like burrito add some noodle, mint, carrots, and cucumber the roll it, dip in the sauce and yum.
We have tried the steamed catfish and I was surprise, it was really good. I told my husband I will try cooking the steamed catfish at home but when we went to the market to buy catfish we both feel the same. Catfish is real ugly fish, upon seeing it swimming in the fish tank, both our appetite was gone. But since I really wanted to try cooing it my husband suggest to opt catfist for butterfish which turned out just the same taste. I am happy that I pulled it out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

20 Million Dollars!

How if you will receive an email from a person you have no idea who or where he got your email add saying exactly this

"Please Reply
I am Mr. *------ -----,from Hong Kong. I want to invest the sum of Twenty Million US Dollars in your Country and i really seek for a reliable / Trustworthy partner for for this project.If you are interested please contact me back at my private address * I would be delighted to give you details of this business.
Thank you,
Mr. ---- ----"

*(I'm still nice because I hide the Name he used)
This sounds to be "too good to be true" and think about this if you want to invest with 20 million dollars are you going to randomly email somebody on the other end of the world without any CLUE who or what kind of person you are dealing with? and mind you his "private email add is at", it's a free email add you can't call it private unless you have your website or unique domain name not a free one.
Honestly at the back of my mind I am saying, hope it's true, 20 Million worth of investment is not bad at all unless its not a scam or illegal.
Here's the deal if you guys interested of this deal let me know I'll give you his email add for a 25% cut LOL.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Cardicians are the people who manipulate and perform card tricks. My brother had develop the passion in card trick recently and I support him because I like watching card tricks. My other reason why I support him because its better to keep him occupied and stay away from bad vices. He said he is doing well and sometime his group is asked to perform in a party and do a show. He is a fan of David Blane and Cris Angel, and according to him what David Blane is doing is called cardician. The people who are good on card handling like the casino guys are called florishers. Funny because I leaned this thing from my 17 years old brother. He wanted to be a good cardician and florisher, I wish him the best.


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