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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There are stories on each item she sent
My travel fairy surprised me once again. I never expected anything from her, I feel so bad that I can't sent her a Christmas present because she never gave me her physical address. I was thinking to send a Christmas card to her mom and asked her mom to please read it for my travel fairy lol.
She made a joke and place a Hawaiian chocolate, it's like a return to sender chocolate. My husband was confused and ask me why she sent you Hawaiian chocolate and chuckle and tell him "you really don't know my travel fairy, she have lots of joke nerves in her system lol. Oh I love everything my dear travel fairy I was really so happy of all your presents, and I show the husband the pantie camouflage and he said "can I try it" lol. The humor of travel fairy is really contagious hahaha. Thank you so much my dear Lyn.


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