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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am not so crazy about cake though I love watching cake decorating shows. Maybe because my husband and I are not so pond of eating cakes. We love pies though and cookies. But I baked a lot of cookies, it's my personal favorite and I want to make it a little fancy and decorative sometimes. Here is one example of my flower cookie, supposed it should be red in color but I am playing with the ginger snap cookies. Festive right!
Recipe is from Lyn's Desserts blog.

Failed Again

I been working wit dough for my buns for a while know but still I can not get how to make it the way I really want it. I am sure that store bought bread are perfect because they use a lot of preservatives and enhancers. I wish I can make a perfect white, fluffy, soft and just right buns. I am searching of recipes for perfect buns but I just get frustrated each day. I am working and kneading the dough good but still it does not come out the way I wanted. Oh well maybe I will just stay on cookie making. :(


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