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Monday, December 1, 2008

Poor Bird

I found this birdie by the sea shore this morning. I though the bird was just sun bathing on the sand and under the sun but when I attempt to walk close to it, it did not bother to fly away. I am sure this bird is hurt but I am scared to touch it, I don not know if the bird is sick or has disease. What a poor bird.

Colds is here

I am not feeling so good today I might be the next one to catch colds in our household. Hubby got cold since last week and still coughing, last night I am feeling tired so I took Tylinol. Today I am still feeling down but I walk to the store and buy some ingredients for the bun that I am making and I also bought a Betty Crocker booklet about holiday goodies recipe, the cookies looks yummy that I want to bale them all lol. Maybe I will be baking today Lyn ginger snap cookies, she had posted a recipe on her food blog.


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