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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bottled Water Mania

America is consuming 30 billion bottled water per year. Consumer do not realized that most bottled water are simply tap water. And bottled water that left inside the car is believe to cause breast cancer in women, the plastic bottle release a certain chemical that can lead to breast cancer. Tap water from your kitchen faucet is much safer than bottled water and it is a lot cheaper.
Here in Hawaii, I can assure that we have the cleanest and safest tap water for drinking. In our household we are buying bottled water because we move in to a very old house with old pipes that make our water taste funny, but I trust our tap water than bottled water so I asked my husband to connect a temporary pipe from the main line to be use as our drinking water, until we rebuild our house. In that way we save money from buying "bottled tap water" and away from the danger of plastic bottle chemicals.


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