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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Update about my DAD

I was in emotionally stress this past week. But at least my dad is safe and soon to be home although he will still be in medication and a constant doctor's visit.
After one week in the hospital he is scheduled to be release today, they are just waiting at one Doctor to sign his release paper. They perform CT scan on him and their finding is he has a mild hemorrhagic stroke, dad is lucky because only one blood vessel has ruptured, he will recover soon.
I believe that everything happens with a reason, I am sure this is the time that he has to stop drinking alcohol and smoking and start living clean.
He is still slurry though but he is fine now.
Thank you God.

"In many cases, people with cerebral hemorrhages die of increased pressure on their brains. But those who live tend to recover much more than people who've had strokes caused by a clot. That is because when a blood vessel is blocked, part of the brain dies — and the brain doesn't regenerate itself; in other words, brain cells cannot be replaced. But when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, pressure from the blood compresses part of the brain. If the person survives, gradually the pressure goes away. Then the brain may regain some of its former function."



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