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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stray Kitten

A blue eyed stray kitten, with unique ash fur

I really have a heart for cats. We have lots of stray cats here in our place, I found out that there's two mother cats gave birth. Each of the cat's have three kittens, the other one abandon her kittens which make us so irritated during the night, it is so noisy crying all night.
Since I just discovered that there's another one by the rock file I told hubby that I have solution to it. I pick up the abandoned stray kittens and place it to the one with mother. I was surprise that the other cat adopt the abandon kittens and gave milk right away.
Actually this is one of our problem here stray cat's and chicken, hubby keep's calling the Humane Society but they just promise and never show up.


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