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Sunday, October 19, 2008

My HEART just Sunk

I have time difference from my homeland Philippines, they are 18 hours ahead, when it's 6am Sunday here, there is 12am Monday.
When I woke up this morning I grab my phone at the bed side table only to find out the saddest news in my life, my brother and sister text me that my Dad has stroke. At that time it's 2am there, I called my Mom to find out. My dad has mild stroke but they will go to the hospital tomorrow because at that hour of the night there is no transportation available for them, good thing it's a mild stroke. My mom told me that my dad is slurry and he can't move half of his body, he might have hemiplegia (paralysis of half of the body). My dad is only 53 of age but he was depressed few years ago due to a family problem that's why he turn himself into drinking alcohol and he is a smoker ever since I can remember. I talk to my dad on the phone he is slurry but I can understand what he is telling me, he said he went to a christening and ate roasted pork then when he came home he drink alcohol and take a nap after he cleaned the house, at 6pm my mom discovered him lying down and cannot move his body and slurry that's why she jumped into conclussion that dad has stroke. I ask my dad to promise me that he would not drink alcohol anymore after this and if possible he have to stop smoking. I was really crying, I love my parents so much and I am not ready to lose either one of them. My dad is a good dad, he teach me so many good things to be a better person.
I write it here because I felt that it will lessen the weight in my heart. I LOVE YOU DAD...


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