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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Educational Plan

I have talk to my aunt (mom sister) 2 weeks ago, she and her family live and work in Kuwait, the couple was working in Kuwait for almost 30 years now. She was so worried about the AIG insurance because she invested on life insurances and also educational plans for her kid's and in fact two years from now her eldest son will start using his college educational plan. She is so worried that her investment will just go into waste and it's a huge money for her. I assured her that she don't have to worry because a day before we talk the U.S government has already bailed out AIG, it's safe for now.

Stay Home or GO?

When you woke up feeling not so great, do you go to work or stay?
COUGH - Go if it's mild. Stay if it's deep or productive (produces phlegm or mucus)
SORE THROAT - Go if it's mild or a left over from a recent cold. Stay if it's intense or you have a fever.
FEVER - Stay. Fever usually means the worse is yet to come.
Stuffed or runny nose - go, but was your hand frequently so you don't pass it on.


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