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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I SLIP my Mouth!

My husband just left home and after 5 minutes he called me, just informing that his daughter and grandson will come up here on Monday for the little boys mild surgery. He will undergo a mild hydrocelle hernia surgery, that's just one day and it's mild so he can just recover that day and flew back home.
I already know the last time they were here that the boy's father will come with them, and I don't need to accompany her daughter during that time. Besides I really don't like to accompany her when it comes to hospital things or doctors appointment cause she is drama girl lol.
Hubby: just want to tell you that daughter will come on Monday
me: I know, she don't need me cause the dad will come with them
hubby: (shock) who's boy's dad? who's coming with them?
me: your grandson's dad will come with them
hubby: why? (he is clueless that her daughter and the boy's dad is on and off, what hubby knows is they are separated for long time now, and there are lot's of issue in between, I know more than him)
me: .... oppppppssssss slip, don't tell your daughter that I tell you that, 'dang! slip...


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