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Monday, September 15, 2008

Filipino Cuisine

I love cooking ever since I can remember, my grandma is a good cook, when there is wedding, occasions or feast they always call her to cook for them. I remember I think I was five that time that we went to a wedding and my grandma is the main cook and I'm watching them preparing the ingredients and cooking, her sister is also good on preparing sweet treats and local delicacies. I also remember they made cakes but due to lack of materials and ingredients they only do the local delicacies and chiffon cakes that they decorate with yummy icing made of confectioners sugar and egg whites. The process is so hard because they use the old fashion way no electric mixer and electric oven only convection oven on top of kerosene stove and great grandfa also have kerosene fridge lol.
I know that Filipino cuisine is so simple because we only use the ingredients that is available and inexpensive. But cuisine differs from which island and tribe you belong. On my father side they cook more like Spanish and I love it especially the Arroz de valenciana which my grandma cooks so good, oh the yummy and flaky empanada the best I ever taste, I love eating tamales which I don't know how they made it. On my mother side they don't have that much complicated food, all are cook on simple ways.
Why more on Spanish dish, because Philippines was conquered by Spaniards for 300 years and maybe the island where my father side, was concentrated by the Spanish and they pick in up and treasure the Spanish culture until now, in fact they call Zamboanga city as the 'Latin city of Asia' and if I'm right it's the only remaining broken Spanish speaking city in the Philippines, yeah broken Spanish because they don't have the Spanish grammar though but everything are almost the same.
Back to Filipino Cuisine, I have observe that many of Filipino dishes are mix in culture, I mean like the famous "Pansit" or stir fry noodle is a Chinese influence (introduce by merchant Chinese long before the Spanish came) there are lots of food that are Chinese too like dumplings, stir fried veggies and many more. Curried and spicy food I believe is a Malaysian influence. Paella, arroz de valenciana, afritada, caldereta, adobo, tamalles, empanada, roasted pig are influence by Spanish.
So what are the native Filipino cuisine? I'm not sure because each tribe has its own specialty and I'm sure that it is also influence by other Asian country.


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