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Monday, September 8, 2008

Ms Piggy is SAFE

Yeah my little piggy bank is safe. On my previous post I decided to use piggy to buy a range. When hubby came home he said lets go to the store and I said wait my piggy, he then said "save your piggy I'm going to use the tax refund" ok then piggy is now safe and sound lol.

My Piggy, My Savior

When i was a little girl my mom teach me to save loose coins on piggy bank or simply just any container that can hold my little fortune. I come to love this idea and until now I have this fashion. If you save loose change it will accumulate to a good amount.
Well when I first came here i saw my husband loose change filled up on his bed side table. I get a big container and place it all in and until now its accumulating.
Our tax payment is so huge, that's the disadvantage of having your own small business I must say, I never though that we are paying that much tax this year, last year is much better though we even get a good refund but this year all I can say is OMG!
Well I need a new range and we have this monthly tax payment that worth two car loans. In order to help a little and get my stove I told hubby to bring me to coin counting machine later and after we go and get my stove. His initial reaction after telling him that, he laugh so loud that he can't believe me. Bad husband, I'm freaking serious lol.
Lesson learned: as always my piggy bank saves me.


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