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Saturday, September 6, 2008


I got this thing last night, Am I happy? yes and no...
Yes because finally I got a new baby...
NO! because I can't connect it with internet and today I run all over the place to make it work. I went to the internet provider office that end up they don't assist my problem the only thing I can do is call their technical support. I went to get a router and a cooling pad. When I came home I'm so excited and try to install everything so I can get internet on my lappy. Yes I got internet but how come I can't go anywhere, i type or anything else it goes to roadrunner which is the internet providers website grrrrrrr I call the technical support of our internet provider but still it didn't help at all, the call went for over an hour that make my ears so hot and also make me more upset because all the options didn't work. Last option call the store where I bought it and they said bring it down they will check it and if factory defect they will replace my lappy. That's why I don't want to purchased online cause if ever I get a defect electronic item its so hard to call them and return it, local store is accessible though.


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