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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pros and Cons of Taking a BUS

I have a truck but unfortunately I don't have enough guts to drive it especially on a busy hiways and freeways. Sometimes I run errands when hubby is working or fishing, with out any choice I have to catch the BUS.
Good thing about the bus when our trucks broke down or in the shop we can took bus and head home while waiting them to fix it. When I'm with my husband I'm sure I'm safe but when I'm alone, I don't know.
Bus is dirty because its a public transit, when I reach home after taking the bus I shower right away (am I germ freak?)
Expect to have an annoying seatmate grrrrrrrr, I don't talk to strangers but sometimes I respect them especially when they ask something or talk to me but my experience yesterday was horrible ever! an old man sit beside me and started to talk, I have a huge heart for this elderly people but not with a maniac old guy! he ask my number and said he will take me to a shopping spree, even I come down the bus stop his tailing me I gave him the wrong number so he will stop and I take the long and winding way home. What a desperate OLD MAN! I don't need shopping spree, he better buy a driver and car if he is really rich grrrrrrr.
Lesson learned! Never TALK to stranger again while on the bus! and gather all my nerve so I can drive my truck and avoid being harass by this maniac people without consideration and respect. I'm getting mad and angry thinking of that 65 year old guy.


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