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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My garden is almost a year old now and I have variety of herbs and veggies that I keep on cultivating, watering every afternoon and also I'm trying to replace the one I've harvested and introducing some more veggies seeds. Some part of the garden is already shady because I let the basil grow like bushes and also the lemon grass.
Suddenly I noticed that some of my plants are dying and it looks like an animal have skinned the plant bark and the leaves are damaged like a worm eat them. My first and only suspect are the wild chickens, they love eating my chillies from leaves to fruits. I place screens on my precious garden and its impossible that chicken will eat my green onions, sage, leek, and thyme. What happen to mu leek somebody is making fun of me! The leaves are almost gone, the sage has no trace at all the leave of the wild bitter squash that I let vine on the screen during summer to keep shade of my green onions was all massacred! BAD CHICKENS! But I was watching it closely for days and no chickens came to visit. What a mystery, (Nancy Drew on the Mission!) Today I finally realized that tons of LAND SNAILS are nesting in the shady wet hallow block that I use as soil barriers. BAD SLUGGSSSSSS, GRRRRRR I was fighting with the snails later today and gather them and throw them away.
I wish they won't come back I HATE LAND SNAILS you eat my garden! Tomorrow I will make sure that there's no more even baby snails on my garden.

I will make a sign "SNAILS KEEP OUT!" lol


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