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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hubby and I are going fishing today, taking another off from blogging. Hope the weather is good today and not windy. I'm praying that I won't get seasick, I bought some doughnuts for me and couple of sweet snacks, we might be whole day out in the ocean. Hope we can catch plenty and variety of fish.
I might eat ginger before we leave, according to the Japanese ginger is anti-motion sickness, let see if they are right. A friend of my husband said he didn't get sea sick because he drink Sprite. I'll experiment everything and WISH ME LUCK!


Another pressure day! I have a lazy day today just relaxing and preparing for tomorrow's fishing trip. Suddenly my husband called me up asking why I didn't answer the CPA's call, hoe I will answer when he didn't call? My husband asked me to call the CPA because he needs information from me for the renewal of business license. I take my time and didn't call him yet because I already know my day will messed up, but my husband check me up again if I called, ok I will and sure enough my days to come is MESSED up. The CPA want's me to input all the bank statement on EXCEL or redo the QUICKEN, now my brain is in pain!
I don't know where to start I get confused on the formulas, I will go fishing the whole day tomorrow with hubby and the CPA want me to turn in my assignments on Friday... I'm sure I need couples days, I don't have magic wand and I'm not expert on EXCEL yet!


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