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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two days OFF

I'm taking off today until tomorrow from blogging, I have to attend two days seminar workshop about EXCEL. For two days I paid almost $150.00, that's 6 hours of lesson per day. But I must say its worth the amount I paid, I have learned so many things about EXCEL beyond basic and I really appreciate it because I'm self thought. Tomorrow another module which is Advance Excel, I need to practice this program right away, the CPA keeps on pressuring me, and already gave me an assignment to be done with EXCEL , whew!
I'm thinking to go back school and get a degree in accounting (if only I listen to my dad!).
Back to the seminar, our educator is really funny and he keeps the class lively, its a good strategy though, we have fun at the same time we learned, since its not a boring class we want to learn some more. Hopefully tomorrow it will still be as fun as today.
By the way if you want to upgrade or learn more about windows software visit and check out their online and on site seminars, it's worth the price.


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