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Thursday, August 7, 2008

What I'm up to?

I have so many work load to be done! Since Tuesday I'm doing paper works and accounting stuff for our small business and it's driving me crazy lol. The accountant is introducing me to so many softwares and it's like biting food more than I could chew!. Though I can learn fast experimenting and learning it my self but it's making me more confused when the accountant suddenly call me and tell me 2 days dealine for what he wants me to do! Accounting is not an easy JOB! since yesterday I was figuring out why my work on the programs is not balance as what on the bank and credit statements, which already making me frustrated. But Thanks GOD finally I figure it out and do it last minute, now I can say accounting is not that hard IF you know what you are doing and need to do lol.


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