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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cocktails for Summer

What summer cocktail is good and bad?
Bad: Frozen margarita; because they're so refreshing, it's easy to quench summer time thirst with lots of this tart treats. But beware: with tons of sugar in the margarita mixture alone, they can add up to weight gain.
Good: Strawberry daiquiri; sipping this fruity drink may actually do the body good. Recent research show that the ethanol in alcohol actually boosts strawberries' antioxidant properties.

Another TOYS

Just showing off some of his toys, this things cause him a fortune, and for two days on sea no catch. I ask him what did you get he answer " I catch some fun", ok then. Hope next time they will catch fish and fun.
He is not in the mood since yesterday and we didn't talk until today, I don't care I didn't do anything wrong. If he still don't talk to me tonight who cares! lol


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