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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend Job

Last Sunday is my first day of work; actually it's just a part time job during weekend at our accountant's office. I'm doing sorting stuff and also he is teaching me some basic accounting things. Good, his paying me per hour at the same time his teaching me things that I need to learn to handle our own books. Its fun working with him, I've learn a lot of things and hoping that this will last long.
Anyway, his office is by town at Koko Head, and since my husband went fishing on Sunday, I end up taking the long bus ride to Waikiki, I left home almost 11am and suppose to be on his office by 2pm because I have to work from 2-6pm, and guess what time I arrive at his office? Almost 3pm, Sunday bus schedule is worse lol. But at least I arrive there.

Maybe next week I'll be working on Saturday morning, I might take the bus again.


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