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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad Husband!

Last Saturday we went around town like crazy looking for his fishing stuffs, we walked around aloha stadium because they got swap meet every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, but they don't have any fishing stuff, only souvenirs for tourist. Planning to go back there sometime soon to shop, love the things they sold there.
Oh back to my bad husband, after we roamed around uptown and walk for miles under the sun, he then told me on the truck that his calling his friend to ask him when he can get the FISHING POLES AND REELS that he sold to my husband. I don't know if I get mad or what, why he let me walk that far that he already have fishing poles and reels. I'm like a raging bull with smokes on my nose lol, because those second hand fishing poles and reels cause him $1,200.00!
Alright husband make sure you got fish and you can pay for this stuff, I can do nothing boohoo.


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