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Sunday, July 6, 2008


I hope you can see the dome on top of the mountain actually it’s so huge and looks like a golf ball, it's a military radar, this area here is a military zone and they close this beach sometimes, this is the end point of west Oahu if you want to go around the island there's no way you can travel here with your car but you have your options that includes your feet, yah walk around, dirt bike or ATV.
I include this photo here because this mountain is the back side of the first photo. And if you will just look closely on top of this mountain you can see the Golf ball like dome but partially covered with clouds.

Out again!

Showing off the west side view

How can we save gas when my husband can't stay at home during weekend!
This is the end point of the west side of the island of Oahu it’s called Kaena point where one of the Air force base is located they have big radar dome on top of this mountain it’s like a big golf ball. We love coming on this side, this side here where I'm standing is rocky but best for shoreline fishing, at my back you can see a white sandy beach.
Its unplanned trip and we have lots of FUN.


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