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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Now I'm a Travel AGENT!

Maybe I'll be doing a small traveling agency business, why I came to this idea because almost all my husband family are calling me to book them online an airline ticket, my step daughter and her boyfriend call me to book then ticket for their escapade where ever they want to go and now another addition, husbands friends are calling him to ask me book online ticket for them! hmmm. Do I look like travel agent? Lol, I think I will have a lot coming client’s hahaha. But anyway as long as I'm not busy I can please them lol.

One Day Get Away

I was shocked with my husband's decision this morning, I was on the computer after his shower and just pop up on the office door and said 'book me a flight to Kauai' my answer was 'are you serious? For when?' he then said 'tomorrow morning' he must be kidding. Well it’s inter-island flight so there must a open seat since its weekdays. He grew up in Kauai and his family, relatives and friends are in Kauai, his purpose is to pay a respect to the funeral of their family friend. I was like crazy making it for him and luckily I did get him a flight in the morning to Kauai and he will be back here in the evening the same day, I will not be going for some reason and I will also see a friends tomorrow. My step daughter asked me if I'm coming with his dad and of course I explain to her that nope I won't, I asked something from my step daughter and I will keep calling her tomorrow and reminding her the whole day until she give it to me lol.


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