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Monday, June 30, 2008

Fire ANTS!

Yuck! Last week I noticed that by my chili plants ants are building their home like 3 different kinds of ants, tiny black heads, reds medium size and fire ants ewww. I complain to my husband because these creatures are eating my chilies! For two days I keep complaining until he move his ass and spray insect killer around the yard and the house. Few days ago I saw one big ants crawling around the house, then the other day the husband saw another giant ants and today I saw plenty dying fire giant ants by my office, yuck I hate this giant ant maybe they are poisoned already because the rest was dead and one is dying. I went around the house again and spread fire ants poison. I don't want be bitten by this giant creatures.
Why this insects are coming out during summer, a lot of insects, are they joining the humans enjoying and having fun during summer?

Flying Termites

One thing I hate during summer is the flying termites! Although we have electronic insect killer outside at the back of our house but sometime there are so many attacking it, almost every day when the sun is down and the insect killer having this like frying or electrocuting noise, I know already that the flying termites are attacking, I'm wondering where this insect come from they are so many like thousands attacking and dying almost every day but still a lot coming. When they attacking I closed all the doors, windows and turn off all the light inside the house, they are attracted with light and we don't want unwanted visitors inside our house. The lizards are so happy feeding with this insect and me and hubby are unhappy when there are few escaping and flying inside the house.


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