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Thursday, June 26, 2008

From PH with smell lol

This is what my mom-in-law brought us from Philippines, that goodies that I have miss so much.
1 is what we call suman or bud-bud, fanny name but yummy, usually its made of sweet rice, coconut milk and sugar but this one they use dawa or bird seed, this was my first time tasting it but real good and yummy.
2 are goodies like pork cracklings that we munch with vinegar and chilies and lot of cookies and biscuits like otap, rosquilios and other delicacies from Cebu PH.
3 this is one of my favorite brownies from reb ribbon bakeshop home of the finest cakes in PH but the best brownies I ever taste is the one made by KFC PH, yah they have the best brownies for my taste, rich chocolaty.
the next row is not for the FAINTED HEART lol.
4 is anchovy Ph style, we love this little nasty salty smelly tiny fish hahaha but for me it taste so good eaten with tomatoes and lemon.
5 & 6 are dried fish, this are not so salty kind and my favorite are fried dried squids yum with hot rice.


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