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Monday, June 23, 2008


Indulge in this chocolate, yah we love indulging in this chocolate covered macadamia nuts. This was a gift from the kids basketball team, hubby is one of the assistant coach, and every potluck they give their coaches goodies as thank you. The kids are great they really are good player, and I am proud to say that they are unbeaten team last spring season, they won all the games. Hope that on the next season they will do the same but some of the kids on their team will move up to next age level.

Eating TIPS

During meal try to eat your vegetables on your plate first. Then when you get full before finishing you already have consumed a larger percentage of low-calorie, nutrient dense food. Make it a habit to eat your fruits and vegetables before diving in on your main course. This is a healthy way to get the right and balance amount of your meal.

ouch! burn again!

Yah I get burn from our oven two days in a row!, yesterday I was baking the cookies and when I have tried to full out the cookie sheet to place the the marshmallow and I accidentally touch the oven rack.
Today my husband called that hes coming home for breakfast with his two buddies, the materials for the job was not ready yet, that's why they'll come home for breakfast at 9:30am, I was scrambling to cook the breakfast, scrambled eggs with onions, fried Portuguese sausage, dried fish and baked bacon. Ouch! the bake bacon, when I took the baking sheet from the oven to drain off the oils I accidentally hit my hands on the racks again, now I have burn on my two hands. That's how CLUMSY I am!. I''' make sure next time I have my mittens on.


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