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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Tiger Reigns

I don't play golf and don't understand fully how is golf scored and played. I am fan of Tiger Woods though, and my hubby made me watch him play on TV and make me understand how the golf game goes. Since Saturday we are watching him play the 108 US open, yesterday when we are at the beach he let me check on my cell phone hows the Golf score and we are surprise to know that Tiger and Rocco are tie, that means they are both playing the playoff, I never know there's a golf playoff I thought its only on basketball. This morning we have watch the playoff and tiger was controlling the game by 3 points but it suddenly evaporates, since then they are exchanging the control on the game and I was so nervous when Rocco leads 1 points on the 18th hole, whew good thing Tiger made it to tie again and they will play for a 'sudden death'. This sudden sudden death play made me glued on TV that I don't even want to blink. They start at the 7th hole, Tiger started it well and all the ball was on green, meanwhile Rocco made his first shot land on banker and the next shot land on the grass again that means Tiger have a good chance here, and he did made it.
Congratulations TIGER, The USGA 108 US open 3rd time champion!.


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